Dennis Southam & Associates (DSA)

DSA provides design, engineering, inspection and compliance services to all major sectors. With extensive expertise in the application of FRP, GRP and GRE in corrosive environments, DSA is Basetec’s preferred partner for composite projects of all sizes.


Novafast supplies composite products and materials for application in major industry, and has the capability to create, design, and build composites to meet application design and specifications. Novafast offers leading edge technology in GRE/GRVE/GRP pipes, tanks and vessels, specialising is the supply of materials to meet most major industry standards, including ISO14692, AS3571, ASME RTP-1, and EN13121. That is why Novafast is Basetec’s preferred material supplier.

Australasia Turbomachinery Services (ATMS)

Australasia Turbomachinery Services (ATMS) was established to support and service the power generation and oil & gas industries. Their team has more than 40 years of distinguished technical experience in the maintenance, installation and commissioning of rotating equipment. ATMS offers effective scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for its clients, encompassing major overhaul services of gas turbines, steam turbines, major equipment and auxiliaries.