Basetec Asset Maintenance

Basetec Services offers custom design, innovative materials and site services for longevity of your asset. 

Our expertise means we can take on the specific challenges of asset remediation. Depending on your requirements, we can design, supply, install and maintain your asset with superior composite solutions, ensuring long-lasting and cost-effective projects. 

Our capabilities.


Basetec Services can design, construct, remediate or install…

  • GRE, FRP & GRP asset condition assessment
  • Maintenance programs and evaluations
  • Pipeline repairs and refurbishment
  • Onsite blasting, protective coatings and linings
  • Concrete treatments and remediation
  • Steel, concrete and FRP corrosion treatment & removal
  • Onsite chemical bund repairs & construction
  • Shutdowns and emergency response
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Long-term plant service contracts
  • Online high-pressure pipeline repair systems
  • ISO 14692 GRE piping installations
  • Fibreglass plant and equipment repairs

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Consulting Basetec at the initial stages of your project will provide a solution to your environment, using the latest in-house design and standards:

• 2D & 3D CAD Design

• Australian Standards AS2634 & AS3571

• British Standards BS4994 & BS7159

• QA Documentation AS9001

Basetec can complete a full condition assessment of existing FRP equipment, using our Integrity Testing Program.

We can provide clients with an estimated end of life, as well as recommendations on
preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of site failures and downtime.

FRP equipment is best installed by trained professionals, who are familiar with handling the equipment in hazardous environments.

The Basetec team has many years’ experience in handling and installing FRP equipment, and operate a mobile, on-site work crew when installation, repairs and field testing are required.

Basetec can provide solutions and environmental engineering in a wide range of problem areas, such as gas scrubbers, stacks, emission control, corrosive liquid / toxic waste storage tanks, fume extraction pipes, and ducting.

Basetec has extensive experience in the maintanence of water and wastewater plant and equipment.

We can design, build and install to our client’s requirements, while ensuring full operation and efficiencies are achieved.

Basetec can provide complete site maintenance and service anywhere in Australia or overseas.

We do the necessary work on new and existing installations, by setting up low-cost facilities under contractual arrangements.

Basetec technical staff can appraise your site and prepare a detailed specification for ongoing maintenance with technical backup facilities.

Basetec has a long history of repairing, lining, modifying and refurbishing all types of pipes and tunnels, including concrete, MSCL, GRP/FRP, cast iron, stainless steel and PVC. 

We can refurbish existing pipes for specific duties, restoring, sealing and increasing the strength of existing pipes, without the need to replace mains applications such as gas, cooling water, sewage, chemical processing and water treatment.

FRP technology has been developed over recent years to the extent that solutions are now available for a diverse range of problems. For every corrosive environment and for every construction material,

there is an appropriate lining system that will protect plant and equipment. The Basetec team are experts in the appropriate application of protective lining systems.

Basetec repairs and treats concrete using modern materials and techniques. We offer complete concrete treatments and refurbishment services for all environments, including carbonation attachment, water ingress, and heavily acidic industrial conditions. 

Basetec will investigate the concrete environment, specify repair treatments and procedures, and provide full documentation for
approved repair procedures and/or preventative measures.

Basetec provides specialist chemical and waterproofing services.

We pride ourselves on the ability to investigate, assess and repair difficult areas of damage, such as environmental contamination due to leakage from storage and flow structures.


Basetec can fabricate many types of scrubbers, used for removing hazardous acid fumes, chemical substances, or odours from the gas stream.

We have formed strategic alliances with carefully selected affiliate partners, in order to enable quality turnkey projects in this area.

Basetec has the experience and capability to fabricate FRP/GRE pipes for any application.

We can also offer a range of compatible fittings to ANSA, AS and DIN standards, to match the chemical resistance, pressure ratings, and temperature ratings of the pipe system.

Basetec can manufacture and install FRP vessels to suit a vast array of applications. 

These vessels can be specifically designed to suit our client’s operating conditions, and meet the latest design standards.

Basetec can provide custom made FRP equipment to suit specific applications, as per client requests. 

We work closely with our clients through this process to ensure that the end result meets our client’s expectations.

In plants where sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and caustic solutions are used, non-slip, acid-proof and thermal shock resistant floors are a necessity. 

In facilities where high levels of hazardous chemicals may pollute the groundwater, Basetec can provide protection against spills and leakage.