At Basetec Services, our vision for a future free of environmental and safety risks means that we place the utmost importance on QHSE.

Through regular audits, external certifications, and internal programs, we constantly strive to ensure our processes and practices are the best and safest in the industry.

We’ve built a corporate culture around continual improvement in the following areas:

Quality Assurance

Basetec Services is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by implementing a quality management system, compliant with and certified by both QCSE ISO9001 and Achilles FPS.

Our internal BSure program has built a corporate culture, committed to quality and best practice. Led by our management team, this program has resulted in continued improvement across the business. We’re not satisfied with simply complying with statutory obligations and codes of practice – we strive to be the absolute best at what we do.


Safety is our overriding priority at Basetec Services.

We will not compromise the welfare of the public, contractors, or our own personnel.

Thanks to our BSafe staff education initiative, Basetec has an exceptional track record of implementing safety procedures to the highest standards, as well as zero LTI recorded in our entire existence.

Environmental Protection

Basetec Services holds a strong commitment to maintaining the integrity of the environment around us – it’s at the heart of what we do.

Our responsibility to environmental protection at all levels of the organisation means that we are continually reviewing our performance against key indicators in accordance with ISO14001.

This includes ongoing awareness and training programs for staff and contractors, as well as implementing environmentally sound strategies for all facets of business, to minimise pollution and impact on air, water, land, natural resources, flora and fauna.

Community Involvement

Basetec Services understands that community is vital to the success of all business, and so we believe that it is important to give back. Basetec is proud to support many community organisations and charities through event sponsorships, donations and fundraising.

For more information on our most recent fundraising activities and sponsorships, please view our News & Media section.