Our Environmental Policy

Basetec Services is committed to the protection and rehabilitation of any damage Basetec Services cause to the environment, and is guided on all policies and procedures by the principles of regulatory and legislative requirements.

Basetec Services is committed to minimise environmental damages and immediately review operational activities that could have an adverse impact on the environment.

Basetec Services will make every effort to protect the environment in which it operates:

  • Strong commitment to environmental protection at all levels of the organisation by providing the relevant awareness and training to employees and contractors.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislations, regulations and site management plans.
  • Development, implementation, auditing and maintenance of environmental policies and procedures that may control the potential impact of Basetec Services operational activities.
  • Development of environmental protection targets and objectives that focus on improving environmental management and to continually review the company’s performance against Key Performance Indicators and Basetec Services targets.
  • Minimising environmental impact and developing systems to identify and develop mechanisms to eliminate environmental damage. o Awareness for environmental damages at all times for all locations, including indigenous sites.
  • Inductions of Basetec Services environmental policies and procedures to employees, contractors, visitors and suppliers and any other person that works with Basetec Services
  • Maintaining most up to date information on Environmental legislation, making it available to all employees.

The Basetec Environmental Management Plan addresses how we will manage environmental impacts such as:

  • Water quality
  • Construction noise
  • Vibration and dilapidation
  • Air quality
  • Groundwater and soil quality and conservation
  • Hazardous waste
  • Protection of flora and fauna
  • Aboriginal culture heritage

Our Certifications

Basetec Services is certified with the following Quality and Safety Qualifications:


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