Infrastructure & Utilities

Basetec Services offers custom design, innovative materials and site services for infrastructure and public spaces. 

Our expertise means we can take on the specific challenges of infrastructure and public spaces. Depending on your requirements, we can design, supply, install and maintain your infrastructure with superior composite solutions, ensuring long-lasting and cost-effective projects. 

Our capabilities.


Basetec Services can design, construct, remediate or install…

  • GRP & FRP repairs and maintenance
  • Bridge repairs
  • Road repairs
  • Footpath refurbishment
  • Water & wastewater systems
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Protective coatings & pressure cleaning
  • Concrete repairs
  • Marine structures
  • Carpark coating
  • Bollards & road barriers
  • Safety solutions
  • Emergency council callouts
  • Boardwalks & platforms
  • GRP & FRP repairs and maintenance

And also provide…

  • Project management
  • Bespoke process and structural design
  • FEA analysis and CAD modelling
  • Specification review


  • Material design and/or selection
  • Material specification and testing
  • On site testing and commissioning
  • Feasibility studies

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Basetec offers all aspects of planning, execution, monitoring and closing of projects, focusing on quality, safety, time and cost.

The Basetec project management team brings a unique focus, shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project.

The value of that focus is proven by the rapid ability to meet Basetec’s multiple client goals from different organisations and across multiple geographies. 

Basetec offers turnkey services from design through to completion, and can assist with all aspects of footpath refurbishment including emergency damage repairs, safety compliance and beautification. 

Basetec maintains strict procedures, ensuring compliance with all council requirements, as well as providing practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for commercial and domestic projects. 

Basetec also offers multiple solutions to existing problems and servicing to ensure our clients long- term needs are met. 

Basetec epoxy coatings can withstand the most demanding industrial environments, making them a go-to solution across a wide range of industries. 

Basetec coatings will protect new assets, extending their service life span, while enhancing the asset’s appearance and properties such as chemical resistance, cleaning, waterproofing and the addition of slip resistance to ensure safety. 

Basetec has a strong history of providing safety solutions. We have a proven track record of supplying, installing and maintaining multiple types of systems to a wide array of clients and their individual needs. 

Basetec offers everything from tagging and testing compliance (AS/NZS 3760) to installation of safety signs, railings and traffic management. 

Basetec also offers ongoing maintenance to existing safety solutions that may need servicing or updating.


Basetec is able to service all bridge repair and service requirements, including regular inspections. 

Using a wide range of experienced professions, from our engineers to multiple trusted affiliates, Basetec offers cost effective solutions in a timely manner, while maintaining the highest quality/safety standards and exceeding our clients expectations. 

Basetec has extensive experience in the engineering and maintenance of water and wastewater systems. 

We can design, build and install solutions to specific needs, offering state-of-the-art options that are superior to current solutions on the market in terms of safety, efficiency, suitability, and time required to service and install. 

For every application (new build or refurbishment of existing), Basetec has expertise in solutions and fabrication to suit for life services over 100 years. 

Basetec specialises in concrete rehabilitation, starting with identification of the cause of the problem and then working towards tailoring specialised repair solutions that will mitigate the risk of the problem reoccurring again in future. 

From thermal, chemical and physical damage, to erosion and corrosion, Basetec will identify and provide a solution to all your concrete repair needs. 

Basetec offers the very latest in resin technology for car park coating. Basetec has proven expertise in the repair and waterproofing of car parks and pavement areas. 

Together with our integrated services catering for concrete repair, corrosion prevention, line marking, waterproofing and coating systems, you can rest assured that your parking area will not only look great but will be a safer and last the distance. 


Basetec offers a comprehensive road repair and maintenance service. 

We specialise in identifying the underlying causes of damage and servicing our clients’ demands so as to improve the safety of the roads and prevent reoccurrence of damage or further degradation. 

Basetec is able to engineer and construct new road infrastructure projects, service road expansions, bike and transit lane additions, as well as curb and gutter projects. 

We offer integrated services, allowing turnkey solutions to a wide array of road infrastructure projects.

 Basetec provides engineering, maintenance, and refurbishment services for major infrastructure.

Basetec works with both councils and private companies, providing the necessary maintenance services to ensure the safety and longevity of their infrastructure. 



Basetec can provide and install an extensive list of bollards, barriers, reflective tapes, bunting, floor marking and other supplies for short and long term requirements. 

Our bollard solutions include shopping centre protection and pedestrian flow safety, car yard protection, outdoor eating area protection, building security protection, installation of permanent or temporary speed bumps, crossings and pram ramps, traffic control and infrastructure and pedestrian protection.

Basetec is aware of the growing demands of residents on their councils to provide more frequent after hours and emergency response work.

As such, we offer a comprehensive integrated emergency call out service.

Our integrated services can be used to provide councils with a single point of responsibility for all of their emergency and time sensitive work requirements.