Safe Delivery of Complex Projects Means Zero Harm to Time, Budgets and People.


Working with global companies and managing their large complex projects, has created a proven track-record for delivering projects on time, on budget and with a high level of quality. Importantly, doing so with without injury and remaining Hazard Free.

The link from project management to installation is streamlined with our wide range of skilled engineers, technicians, project managers, site supervisors and trade assistants. Projects move through milestones, with the team ensuring that each stage is managed and communicated so all parties are crystal clear about their role and accountability.

Whilst we understand that every project has a sense of urgency it is our belief and goal to complete the job successfully whilst maintaining the safety of all employees, contractors and others.

Basetec has vast experience with difficult projects and with over 30 years of experience, we understand what our clients want with services.

Our Technical experts range from highly regarded Design Engineers, Project Managers, Site Supervisors to General Trade Assistants.

Complete Services for Complex Project Management and Installation

  • Site and Client Meetings
  • Implementation of Project Quality Plans
  • Scheduling and Progress Reporting
  • Itemised Breakdowns of Drawings and Isometrics
  • Site and Technical Assistance
  • Design and Engineering Verification
  • Computer Aided Design Work
  • Installation Equipment and Specialised Tooling
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • And other codes and standards for Corrosion 
    Resistant FRP Equipment

Our Certifications

Basetec Services is certified with the following Quality and Safety Qualifications:


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