Resources & Energy


  •  Project Management
  •  Technical Services, including:
    • Bespoke Process and Structural Design
    • FEA Analysis and CAD Modelling
    • Design Calculations
    • Specification Review
    • Material Design and/or Selection
    • Material Specification and Testing
    • On Site Testing and Commissioning
    • Feasibility Studies
  •  Construction and Installation Services, for:
    • Acid Pipelines
    • Flowlines and Gathering Lines
    • Fire Water Systems
    • Crude Oil Transmission Lines
    • Cooling Water Main and Intake Lines
    • Acid Plant and Gas Processing Plant Construction
    • In-plant Process Pipelines
    • Refineries and Distillation Facilities
    • Tank Farm and Storage Facilities
    • Solvent Extraction Plants and Equipment
    • Separation and Scrubbing Systems
    • Offshore Platform Piping Systems and Caisson Piping
    • Water and Oil Reinjection Systems
    • Ballast Pipe Work

Basetec Resources & Energy services the mining, energy, oil and gas sectors.

Due to the array of aggressive chemicals derived from oil, gas and mining extraction/refining, corrosion is a growing problem for this industry. On top of this, the harsh conditions faced offshore and in remote areas on land mean that durable, custom solutions are often required.

Basetec implements its vast knowledge of specialist materials, particularly composites, to custom design assets and services. We specialise in GRE/GRVE/GRP pipes and fittings, tanks and processing equipment.