Water & Infrastructure

Basetec Services offers custom design, innovative materials and site services for the entire water cycle. 

Our expertise means we can take on the specific challenges of the water industry. Depending on your requirements, we can design, supply, install and maintain your water infrastructure with superior composite solutions, ensuring long-lasting and cost-effective projects. 

Our capabilities.


Basetec Services can design, construct, remediate or install…

  • Water & wastewater treatment plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Odour control plants & equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage containment tanks
  • Pump stations
  • GRP sewer and water pipelines
  • Sewer infrastructure
  • Tank farm & storage facilities
  • Launder & filtration troughs
  • Dosing skids & systems
  • Biofiltration & scrubber systems
  • Concrete & storm water infrastructure
  • GRE, GRP, FRP repairs and maintenance

And also provide…

  • Project management
  • Bespoke process and structural design
  • FEA analysis and CAD modelling
  • Specification review


  • Material design and/or selection
  • Material specification and testing
  • On site testing and commissioning
  • Feasibility studies

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Basetec offers full EPC capability in the field of water treatment, ranging from the upgrade and refurbishment of existing facilities through to complete new build projects. 

In addition, our manufacturing capability of water treatment plant and equipment, including sludge handling and chemical dosing, allows us to minimise supply chain interfaces.

Basetec has a long history of successful project execution in the field of wastewater treatment. We offer EPC capability in all applications and project size in this specialised field. 

Our expertise in the application of composite materials for aggressive and corrosive environments is ideally suited to wastewater application, where asset owners are increasingly under stakeholder pressure to extend life of service.


The application of composite materials for the handling of brine or saline water in the field of water desalination is the go-to solution for water stressed regions. 

From the large diameter intake infrastructure to the high-pressure membrane arrays, composites offer the best value, whole of life solution in the field. 

Basetec offers full capability from design, material supply, installation and asset management.

Basetec offers a range of solutions for control of odour, from odour capture covers, large diameter ducting, treatment scrubbers, and chemical handling and discharge venting. 

Composite materials are ideally suited to odour management from simple sewer venting to full capture and treatment.


Ranging from high pressure multi-media filtration vessels to low pressure chemical storage tanks, Basetec offers full design, fabrication and installation capability. 

Offering refurbishment of existing vessels for extension of life or new build applications with associated lined bund infrastructure, Basetec covers any application.

Wastewater pumping stations and maintenance structures are susceptible to chemical and biological corrosion. 

Traditional pump station construction materials have limitations in that regard and the replacement of those structures is difficult. 

FRP/GRP solutions, either in new build or refurbishment of existing is increasingly seen as the best way forward for this area. 

Basetec offers full EPC capability for pump station design, fabricate and install of pump stations.

Basetec has the experience and capability to fabricate composite material (including FRP/GRP) pipelines and fittings for any application. 

For difficult environments (high pressure, high temperature or chemically aggressive) we can fabricate composite materials to suit for life services over 100 years. 

Our expertise in design and installation complements the fabrication to eliminate project interfaces.

Sewer related infrastructure has unique challenges with chemical and biological attack of traditional materials such as concrete and steel. 

For every application (new build or refurbishment of existing) Basetec has expertise in designed solutions for protection and service life extension of sewer infrastructure. 

Our skilled field teams ensure quality, guaranteed application of the selected liner.

Storage tanks for chemically corrosive or aggressive compounds (acid, hypochlorite, etc.) require specialised materials and design approach. 

Basetec’s capability and long history in this field mean that we have solved most of the common issues in these sorts of applications, including suitable design of lined bund arrangements.

In the wastewater field, launder and filtration troughs are particularly susceptible to chemical (acid) and/or microbial corrosion issues. 

Basetec can design and fabricate new equipment or refurbish existing where the basic infrastructure is sound. 

The excellent weight to strength properties of composite materials is ideally suited for this application.

Basetec can design and build bespoke chemical dosing skids and systems to suit any application including water/wastewater, chemical processing and in the oil/gas sector. 

The advantages of composite materials allow us to specialise in aggressive environments where corrosion is a significant consideration.

Cooperation with selected process partners allows Basetec to design, fabricate and install a range of scrubbers and biofilters to remove hazardous acidic fumes, chemical vapours or nuisance odours from any air stream.

Basetec has extensive history in the field of pipeline remediation including refurbishment of all types of pipes such as concrete, MSCL (Mild Steel Cement Lined pipe), GRP/FRP, cast iron, stainless steel, PVC and HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). 

We offer a full service from inspection, option assessment, design, material supply and installation.

For concrete structures damaged by water ingress, chemical attack or structural damage, Basetec can investigate the cause of the damage, assess options and design suitable solutions for guaranteed extension of the asset life.

Basetec has a range of approved FRP vent shafts and stacks to suit any application. 

In the particularly corrosive environment of vented sewers, the material properties of FRP are vastly superior in terms of corrosion resistance, service life, minimum maintenance, strength to weight ratio, colour matching to suit environment and ease of installation.