Water & Infrastructure


  •  Project Management
  •  Technical Services including:
    • Bespoke Process and Structural Design
    • FEA Analysis and CAD Modelling
    • Design Calculations
    • Specification Review
    • Material Design and/or Selection
    • Material Specification and Testing
    • On Site Testing and Commissioning
    • Feasibility Studies
  •  Construction and Installation Services for:
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Desalination Plants
    • GRP Sewer and Water Pipelines
    • GRP Sewer Manhole Construction and Remediation
    • Pump Stations
    • Odour Control Plants and Equipment
    • Pressure Vessels and Storage Containment Tanks
    • Tank Farms
    • Launder and Filtration Troughs
    • Dosing Skids
    • Inlet Remediation and Concrete Refurbishment
    • Pipeline Remediation Services

Basetec Water & Infrastructure provides custom solutions for the water industry.

As water is one of the Earth’s most precious assets, it’s important that the plants, pipelines, and equipment used in this industry are up to the highest quality standards, and are built to last.

Basetec designs custom solutions for our clients, using innovative materials, and providing turnkey options. Our in-depth understanding of the corrosion issues associated specifically with the water sector gives us the innate ability to replace expensive, exotic metals with superior composite solutions.

Basetec Services water treatment plant install